Marking Time: Drawing change

Slowly wheeling, like rays of a search light, the days, the weeks, the years passed one after another across the sky.




The house that is bing replaced by a multi-story apartment block.

In June 2018 developers started to pull down the little house that I could see from my balcony. I have been drawing the changing landscape of my street each week since then. Once they have finished I will animate the ‘progress’.

A Year of Tree

Digital print. 150 x 75 cm
52 weeks 60 seconds. Animated Polariod

From the 27th June 2018 and the 26th June 2019, I took weekly Polaroids of a tree near where I work . By recording the changes of this tree over the space of a year, this work aims to encapsulate a sense of endurance in that change. It is presented as both an animated sequence of original Polaroids and a printed spatial layering of those times

The Last Breath

I drew my beautiful mother each of her last 40 days. These drawings have been made into an animation..

Dress Code

In 2016 / 2017 Dress Code became an animation with each day drawn on top of the previous, with the days marked around the edge. At the end of the year I continued to work on the same page recording my ageing face

Ruby Gap

In 2009 I was at Ruby Gap in the MacDonald ranges. I sat on a hill from sunrise till sunset, recording the changing light as the day passed.

Time cannot vanish without trace for it is a subjective spiritual category; and the time we have lived settles in our soul as an experience placed within time.


It is the time right now expressed.


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