A Short History of Human Tenderness

The history of the world could be told in the way we have depicted hands.


After my year of looking at contemporary photojournalists’ images of human bodies in ‘Breaking News’ I started this series which is drawn in the presence of works of art that amaze me.


As I traveled through Europe, I started drawing the hands of paintings, drawings, prints, videos and sculptures that I came across. I was seduced.HoT 1 HoT 2 HoT 3 HoT 4 HoT 5 HoT 6 HoT 7 HoT 8 HoT 9 HoT 10 HoT 11 HoT 13 HoT 14 HoT 15 HoT 16HoT 17HoT 18HoT 20 HoT 22HoT 23HoT 19 HoT 24 HoT 25 HoT 26HoT 32HoT 33 HoT 28HoT 27HoT 29HoT 30 HoT 31


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